The Relics of Padre Pio

The Relics

The National Shrine of St. Pio contains the authentic relics of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, which are available to venerate both publicly and privately. Certificates of Authenticity for each of the Relics at the Shrine are retained in the Capuchin Friary. The Relics held are:

  • Crusts of the Wounds of the Hands of St. Pio
  • An authentic portion of a Night Shirt worn by Padre Pio with St. Pio’s Blood Stains
  • A hand-mitten worn by St. Pio, affectionately known as the “Padre Pio Glove”.

For those devotees of Padre Pio who may never be able to travel to Pietrelcina or to San Giovanni Rotondo to visit the places where our Saint was born, lived, and died, the availability of the First-Class Relics of the Saint in the National Shrine of S. Pio allows thousands of the faithful an opportunity to have a “spiritual encounter” with Padre Pio, to pray to him, and to ask for his intercession. If so desired, a Blessing with the Relics can also be given by a Capuchin Friar during one’s visit to the Shrine.

Blessings are available during the Opening Hours of the Shrine, while Public Veneration of the Relics can also be done during the Opening of the Church of St. Mary of The Angels, which houses the Relics of the Shrine.

St Pio Relics

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