The Life of Padre Pio

The Life

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, fondly known by all as ‘Padre Pio’ is perhaps the most famous saint known for bearing the stigmata – the Holy Wounds of Christ – for 50 years of his life! He always emphasised the importance of leading a holy life. During his lifetime, he cleansed, healed, prophesised, and guided many believers into following the Will of God.

Remembered by some as harsh, by some as kind, by some as compassionate, and by others as staunch, Padre Pio was a strong-minded priest who did not tolerate sin at all, be it even in thoughts, words, or actions. He was known as the “Saint of the Confessional”, and took confessions day and
night, immediately catching hold of those that did not confess all their sins. Gifted with intuition with the beautiful Sacrament, he had all the right and knowledge to say or do the things that he did, possessing the purity and the understanding to see where one was heading. He was divine in every way and admitted that it was none other than Our Blessed Mother, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
and his two Guardian Angels― St. Joseph and St. Francis―who kept him in all his ways and helped him guide and heal those who directly asked for or sought his help.

Padre Pio - The Stigmatist

Reflecting the spirit of selflessness and purity with which Padre Pio helped (and still helps) his children, he also said that his real mission would start after his death. And yes, since his death on 23rd September 1968, many believers offer their prayers to him night and day and continue to seek his healing touch. His precious words enshrined in his Letters, Prayers, and Inspirational quotes, are among the many things that Padre Pio has left us, words that are invaluable to those who seek his comfort and blessings and the right way of living a spiritual, holy, and religious life.

But, above all, Padre Pio is remembered for an infallible devotion to the Eucharist, his constant praying of the Rosary, and for the countless miracles that he performed throughout his earthly life, and that have also been attributed to him since his death.

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